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Serigrafía Artística

In Valencia we specialize in serigraphy textile art for t-shirts, sportswear and occupational, bags, scarves, etc ... We specialize in textures and effects worn and degraded in different colors.

We mainly use green ink, phthalate and PVC free. and cleaning products do not harm the environment. We also manufacture screens and recovered for later use.

SCREEN PRINTING ARTISTIC addition, we also work for advertising screen printing, the transfer and printed vinyl and vinyl cutting for textile offering customized solutions for restaurants and bars, organizations, events, conferences, associations, failures, clubs, sports teams and gyms, etc. .. We work for large and small runs.

The transfer is the most economical option for short runs in full color. Perfect for hen parties, celebrations, weddings, promotions possible...

Images are printed in full color with a photographic definition. You can print on light and dark shirts. Always up to A4 size. For larger sizes please contact us.

Check quote.

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